May the Fourth Be With Your Baseball Cards

I’ve never heard of Star Wars Day until everybody on twitter started dropping “May the Fourth be with you” bombs. Anyway, I figured I’d get in on the fun a little bit, because I do love Star Wars, and I love baseball cards. I stumbled across a very talented man named Travis Peterson who runs a blog called PunkRockPaint. He’s also out of San Diego, and he photoshops baseball cards. It’s amazing. A side-by-side example of what’s he’s doing, this one with a 1934 Goudey card.

Now you get the idea… here are a few more. So freakin’ awesome. I want all of them.

As Padres fans, let’s bring a little bit of San Diego into the equation…

I was able to find the “card” our buddy used for this gem… 1975. Padres, Podrace. Zing!

So awesome.


(originally posted this back in 2012, but since it’s still awesome, i re-posted today)

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