make baseball fun again lobshots bryce harper It’s been almost a month since Bryce Harper’s ESPN article “Sorry Not Sorry,” where he destroyed baseball’s unwritten rules, calling for a change in the game. “Baseball’s tired,” he says. “It’s a tired sport, because you can’t express yourself.” I loved it. Then it hit me. Trump’s stupid MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN hats were everywhere. What if I made a hat for Bryce Harper that said MAKE BASEBALL FUN AGAIN? It was perfect. I’m not so hot at photoshop (super-hot at MS Paint though), so I hit up my buddy @nick_pants with the idea. Within hours, Nick came through like a champ with this.


I fired out the tweet, tagged Bryce, and said to myself… “This hat is awesome. I should actually make these. They’d sell like hotcakes. You could even change the colors around for your team. I should even send one to Bryce! How funny would that be?” Did I do any of that? No, of course not. I did nothing. Next stop? Opening Day! Bryce hits yet another dinger… his fourth straight on Opening Day, which is insane. Post-game presser? Well, wouldya look at that…



BRYCE HARPER MADE MY HAT IDEA INTO A REAL HAT AND WORE IT ON OPENING DAY. So that gets national coverage obviously… Barstool Sports, among other sites, are now making, and selling the hats that I created in my brain. For just $20, I can buy the hat that I designed! Everybody is talking about the hat.

Now, the way I see it? There’s two ways to look at this. Glass half empty: “Dammit! I’m an idiot! I didn’t follow my gut and make these hats back on March 10th, and now everybody on the planet except for me is going to profit off of them, and Bryce didn’t even send me a thank-you tweet. I hate cursive and I hate all of you!” Glass half full: “Bryce Harper saw the tweet I sent him, and thought it was so awesome that he made my hat into a real hat and wore it. How rad is that!?”

I’m a glass half full type of guy. Glad you liked the hat, Bryce. Keep being awesome.


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