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Juuuuuust A Bit Outside…

I had zero intention of posting this terrible first pitch by Fitty. Then I saw this mashup and decided to. Anytime you can slip some Uecker into a post, you do it. -bp [Getty image, ht Mentality Mag]

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Fitty vs. Erin – The Kiss

This is not a snarky question… I legitimately want to know who is more awkward here? Fifty Cent 50 Cent Fitty Cent Fitty or Erin Andrews? Nothing wrong with a little kiss on the cheek, right? I know he was … Continue reading

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16 in the Clip and 1 in the Hole. A White Boy’s tribute to Nate Dogg

It’s a sad, sad day in Hip Hop community. Nate Dogg died yesterday at the age of 41. After multiple strokes over the past few years, his health had been failing. No official cause of death has been announced yet. … Continue reading

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