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Freaking Bill Murray. Rocking PBR pants with a gorgeous blonde (Lindsey Boetsch) like a boss. That’s how you dress to golf. Argyle PBR pants. I wanted to buy these pants, so I asked Pabst Blue Ribbon where I could buy … Continue reading

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Five Dollar Bill… Murray

Just perfect. -bp [from BJ]

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The ‘Stripes’ Army Introductions Scene…

Quite possibly the greatest 5 minutes in cinematic history. I use so many lines from that scene every single day. Just part of my everyday conversations. I don’t even care if those around me understand the reference. Heck, I don’t even … Continue reading

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Get a Load of Bill Murray’s Facial Hair

That’s a photo with Dustin Johnson at the Pro-Am. Must be playing an old Scot in an upcoming movie or something…  How do you not love Bill Murray? -bp [via PGA]

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Groundhog Day = Happy 1st Birthday, LobShots

It’s a funny thing, Groundhog Day. As I prepared to write a blog about whether or not our lil buddy, Punxsutawney Phil, saw his shadow today… (he did, if you care) I got to thinking, “I think I’ve done a … Continue reading

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Kid Wrestler Forfeits to a Girl

This tired old story? So some dude forfeited his chance to make a run at the High School State Championship in wrestling because he didn’t want to wrestle a girl. Full story here. Everybody has an opinion on this crap, … Continue reading

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“Don’t drive angry. Don’t drive angry.”

Listen, here on the west coast, nobody gives a crap about Punxsutawney Phil or Gobbler’s Knob. Turns out the little critter didn’t see his shadow this morning, so we’re gonna have an early Spring. Sweet. So what. So, if I … Continue reading

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