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Disney Buys LucasFilm – Announces Star Wars Episode VII

I read the news that Disney bought Lucasfilm for over $4 BILLION and is releasing Star Wars: Episode VII in 2015… and the only thing I could think about was Khloe Kardashian as Jabba the Hut. Something is wrong with … Continue reading

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Just Your Average Buzz Lightyear Sippy Cup, No Big Whoop

I posted months ago that Disney’s Sexual Innuendos Are Alive and Well…turns out nothing’s changed. I’m intentionally avoiding all idiotic “to infinity and beyond” jokes. Nice work though, Toy-Story-Buzz-Lightyear-penis straw drink creators, ya jackwagons. -bp [via imgur]

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Disney’s Sexual Innuendos are Alive and Well

Unbelievable. Hey Disney, what exactly were you thinking doing this to poor, sweet, innocent little Belle from Beauty and the Beast? I know you have a bit of a colored past when it comes to your movie animators using their … Continue reading

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