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DeAngelo Hall is a beardless James Harden. Explosions of the mind. -bp [via Will]

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Tough to Not Love James Harden…

Talk about a wienie roast, huh? Am I right? Right? Good grief, that’s the opposite of every party I’ve ever been to. Damn you, James Harden… damn you and your tear-away beard. -bp [via TBL]

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Team USA in Barcelona on Segways. Yes!!

Lob Country!! I spy Deron Williams, James Harden, and Kevin Durant. Team USA at its finest. The Durantula just instagrammed that photo of the a few of the boys cruising on segways in Barcelona. I really love this. Why? Because … Continue reading

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Ron-Ron, Harden… and a Vicious Elbow

Monster dunk by Ron-Ron, followed by a chest bumping celebration, ending with an elbow blast to James Harden’s dome that left him with a concussion. I’ve seen the replay a hundred times. It’s horrifying to watch. He hits him so … Continue reading

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More Kate Upton…

Literally feel like lobsters get mad at me whenever anything happens with Kate Upton and I don’t immediately post it. I’M SORRY! CALM THE EFF DOWN! Meanwhile, here’s Kate with Kevin Durant and James Harden for some Skull Candy photo … Continue reading

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How Pimp is James Harden?

These kicks are so pimp. “Hey, who’s shoes are those…oh, nevermind. That’s my bust. Those are James Harden’s shoes…I see that now.” Guessing the free pair of TOMS that goes to a needy child in Africa didn’t come customized. Amazing, nonetheless. Love this … Continue reading

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