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Kook of the Week: Garrett Wolfe

Next up, in the real life game of Athlete Mug Shots, we have our next contestant… Garrett Wolfe, Come on Down!!!!  Wolfe is the Chicago Bears version of Darren Sproles.  He’s 5’7″ and weighs 185 pounds, assuming he’s carrying a 25 pound … Continue reading

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Allen Iverson Lost His Swagger Riding Shotgun

Welcome to Atlanta where the playas play…and we ride on them thangs like every day… Allen, Allen, Allen… look what Turkey did to you! You head over there to play in the Turkish Pro League and immediately your swagger is … Continue reading

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LegeDON’T! Naanee arrested.

I know this isn’t a brand new story but I’ve got a few thoughts on it. I don’t who reported this story first, click through if you want more details than you need Deadspin, San Diego Union Tribune, Indy Star, … Continue reading

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