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It’s National Lobster Day, Celebrate Yourselves!

That’s right, lobsters… today is your day! Party! June 15th, National Lobster Day. Well, I guess it’s not technically an official United States holiday.  However… the officials in charge might need to have another look, given the swelling numbers in our … Continue reading

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Get Me This Lobster Mug!

Would it be so damn hard for one of you lobsters to buy me this mug for Father’s Day? As the founding father of LobShots and the lobster nation… it just fits. Nothing wrong with staring at this little lobster … Continue reading

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Lobsters Make the World Go ‘Round…

I’ve decided I have a goal. You’re lobsters, so I’m sharing my goal with you. My goal is that when you search the word “lobster” on google… LobShots.com shows up on the first page. A lofty goal because, you know… … Continue reading

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You, My Friends… are Lobsters.

I love LobShots. Showman loves LobShots. Of course we do, it’s our website. More importantly…we love our readers. So much so that we want a name for you. We tossed around a few that all sucked balls. Lobbers. Lobshotters. Lobshooters. … Continue reading

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