How Pimp is Jim Riggleman?

(Photo by Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

Sure he’s handsome, but the now former Washington Nationals Manager Jim Riggleman is nothing if he isn’t a man of his word. Riggleman is, oh I dunno, managing the hottest team in baseball… the Nats have won a shocking 11 of 12 games. So, what’d he do? Told his GM that he be resigning after the game if he wasn’t offered a contract extension. Boom, resigned. What a freaking stallion.
Tell ya what though, I gotta feeling that there was a little more to this resignation than meets the eye. I don’t think Riggleman likes drama. Sure, his team is hot, and sure next year they’ve got Strasburg coming back and some number 1 draft picks that should be heading to the bigs in the next couple years. He’s over it. You don’t pay up, he doesn’t deal with all the b.s. that’s comes along with a bunch of young hotshots. I’ve got three and half words for you as to the real reason he resigned…Self-Righteous Little Bitch.
**update** Stop the press! Just when I thought Riggleman couldn’t get any more pimp… he celebrated his resignation victory by boozin’ it up with a bunch of chicks half his age. STALLION.
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