Battle on the Midway – Lobshots Style

That. Click to enlarge that… an incredible aerial. Our view? It’s right here.

Mac, Caster, Dilly, Body

So, the atmosphere of Sunday’s Battle on the Midway between Syracuse/SDSU made up for an otherwise sloppy game.  The wind, at 10-15 mph, clearly affected SDSU perimeter game.  1 of 18 3pt shooting makes beating any college team difficult.   All of game specifics were overshadowed by two top programs locking up atop a giant warship on Veterans Day weekend.  Conditions: CAVU.  Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited.  Beneath that unblemished blue sky, the sun glinted brightly off Boeheim’s polished forehead, and might’ve contributed to State’s poor shooting as much as the wind.   Fans seemed more distracted by Boeheim’s pants.  “Nice khaki’s, Boeheim!” –random fan shout-out.

All the fans I talked to were in a collective awe of the setting, and the crowd, despite SDSU’s reputation, was quite civil… probably because, at $500/ticket, these were more likely opera-attendees than bleacher creatures.

The exception being this SDSU fan, in his fine mesh shorts, yelling all game long, “at least I live in San Diego.”   Great buddy, now how about you put away that dick. Poor Syracuse fan.  So little fabric between his face and a bunch of dick.

Some technical issues plagued the scoreboard and shot clock, so official time was kept on the court.  They announced just prior to tip-off that a sideline official would count-down from 5 over the PA system as shot-clock time ran out.  Immediately followed by several ‘cuse fans behind us plotting to yell “3…2…1!!” every time State was in their half-court set.  Great plan, guys.  They ended up not following through.  As I said, these were opera-goers.

We sat two rows behind CJ Fair’s mom, her identity uncovered by her bright orange shirt that read “CJ’s Ma” on back.   He won Player of the Game…and a post-game interview with [Lobshots favorite] Erin Andrews.

As I snapped a few pics of that interview, I briefly imagined her interviewing me.  “I’m a big fan of your prose, where do find your inspiration?”  That’d prolly be her first question.

Summed up, this game was worth the elevated cost of admission.  And after seeing what debacles the east-coast aircraft carrier games were… I guess I’d have to agree with mesh-shorts guy.   Glad I live here in SD.  Go Orange.


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