Battle on the Midway – Lobshots Style, part 2

Ok. Body here. That’s me in the red tank with Mac and Caster. A few (never to be confused with “a couple”) quick thoughts about the Battle on the Midway game between SDSU and Syracuse. Caster gave you his thoughts, as a Syracuse fan, here. Mine, as an SDSU alum, are as follows.

  1.  Watching a basketball game and having a few pops aboard a battleship on a sunny San Diego afternoon, is wayyy cooler than watching a basketball game a having a few pops anywhere else.
  2. SDSU hates shooting free-throws in the wind.
  3. 50 year old blacked out guy in super thin mesh showing off his penis outline to the entire crowd, priceless.  (well, actually $500)

Put that thing away, guy.


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