Bulk of the Series.


Officially chubbed for the Chargers this upcoming season.  There were so many memories I took away from Sunday’s Dinner with Phil and Tony… the conversation with new head coach Mike McCoy, the nervousness I felt while standing in line to get ribs with basically the entire Chargers 2013-14 football team, playing catch on the practice field with Caster/Mac/BP, asking Rivers if he ever dropped a “Thanks CJ” on AJ Smith during his two… yes two, conversations with AJ throughout his total tenure. You read that right. Two. Same for Gates. Watching the interaction between Rivers/Gates/Weddle/Hardwick as they met in the middle of the field after practice with their wives and kids… also unforgettable. Fluker’s index finger touching my right elbow as I shook his hand. All of these memories will stay with me forever.  But there is one thing that stands out to me, that is in a league entirely of its own…  Ryan Mathews’ Calves.  Unbelievable in real life.   Have you seen those things?  Cause I have.



Seriously… can’t stop thinking about them


[read Caster’s experience here…. BP’s here]

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