My Day at Chargers Park… Overwhelmingly Amazing


I’m overwhelmed. A behind-the-scenes day at Chargers Park… watching practice from the field followed by a catered dinner with Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates… there are no words to describe it. Yet, here I am, attempting to do exactly that. Overwhelming as it was to be there, experiencing it all… it’s equally overwhelming to write about it for you loyal lobsters, in a way that will do my experience justice. Our experience justice. The our I’m referring to from left to right is: Body, Caster, (P. Rivers), Mac, Dilly, (A. Gates), BP, Chuck T.

If you’d like to know how we ended up there… let me refresh your memory here.

It’s one of those things where I just don’t know where to start. I guess for starters, I’ll just do a rapid fire progression of what we did and who we were with. We were met by Jen Rojas, the Corporate Communications Coordinator, and a member of her team, Mike Bianca. Mike babysat us all day, and was wonderful. As was Jen… Anyway, I’m overwhelmed just thinking about all the folks I got to spend time with. Not just in passing, like actual, real-life, face-to-face conversations. From the team, I got to have personal conversations with Eric Weddle, Philip Rivers, DJ Fluker, Mike McCoy, Antonio Gates, Nick Hardwick, and Nick Novak. Each of these convos blew my mind in their own way. In addition to all that, which was incredibly overwhelming, I got to spend time with a lot of the Chargers staff, PR Director Bill Johnston, Social Media Director Joel Price, Ricky Henne managing editor of, and Jordan Beane, who runs all the BoltsCast for the Chargers, like this one with LT. From the print media, I spent time with U-T writers Kevin Acee, Michael Gehlken, Matt Calkins, and Tom Krasovic… all cool dudes. From the airwaves, I hung out with my buddy Judson Richards from The Driiiiiiiiiive on XTRA1360 and I briefly spoke with Marty Caswell from The Mighty 1090, who is an insanely hard worker, running around with her notepad and pen during practice… and her camera, tripod and mic after practice, then on the computer editing in the media room after practice.

Because I can’t possibly get everything in one post that happened yesterday, I’ve decided to have the guys each do a little write-up about their experience and I’m gonna do a few more posts too… whether you like it or not. So keep an eye for some great stories from our day at Chargers Park. They won’t disappoint.


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