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No, No He Didn’t….

That’s on DallasCowboys.com. I guess I need a refresher course on idioms. -bp [lobbed by @alexpadilla86]

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Chargers and Cowboys Fans Smashing Bottles on Each Other’s Heads at Qualcomm

People are idiots. Stop fighting in parking lots. It’s a game. Link here if the video from NBC7 didn’t load above. -bp [lobbed by LT]

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Ryan Leaf Does NOT Look Like Himself…

Been a real busy day for me personally, which translates to a slow day at the 8-letter… I pretty much feel how Ryan Leaf looked in court yesterday for his sentencing. Frightening stuff. I’ve given my thoughts on Ryan here… … Continue reading

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Cowboys Rogue Cart…The Remix

By now, everybody’s seen this runaway cart at the Cowboys game on Sunday high school state championship played at Cowboys stadium on Saturday. but I hadn’t seen/heard the remix version. Good times. Roll out! Easily the best part… **update** So, … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving from Leon Lett

Just wanted to say thanks for the memories, Leon. This is the single most memorable play that I can remember from my lifetime on Thanksgiving day. Leon Lett slip sliding the Cowboys to a loss on Thanksgiving day. Dolphins fans … Continue reading

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Dez Bryant’s Full Moon

Just another installment of my ongoing obsession with NFL players flashing ass on the field. I offer you Dez Bryant. Fine piece-a-ass though too… -bp [screenshot via Uni Watch]

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These 2011 NFL Preview Sports Illustrated Covers are a Joke

This is the Sports Illustrated that I received in the mail this week, you know, here in San Diego. I thought nothing of it… Clay Matthews is insanely popular, and he plays for the reigning Super Bowl champs. No biggie. … Continue reading

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What Football Team Should I Root For?

Any real fan would never ask the question, “What Football Team Should I Root For?” But we know this is just is a fun little chart to give the fans a laugh… generally pretty clever. Click on the image to … Continue reading

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Deion Sanders: A Visual Reminder

So, Neon Deion…PrimeTime…however you want to remember him…he just made the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Whether you agree or disagree with the decision isn’t really the point, you KNOW Deion Sanders. That’s the point. He marketed himself as well … Continue reading

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