What Football Team Should I Root For?

Any real fan would never ask the question, “What Football Team Should I Root For?” But we know this is just is a fun little chart to give the fans a laugh… generally pretty clever. Click on the image to make it bigger. We posted the baseball version early this year. It was also comical. Here are a few of my favorites from this NFL fan chart. Right off the bat…”People hate me already anyway” —> Yes—> Cowboys. Zing! “I feel like a team should wait a few decades to see if it’s leaving town before coming up with a logo.” —> Yes—> Browns. Awesome. Killer orange helmet. “I would be proud if the face of my franchise were a bunch of fat old jerks who got together to toast the failure of others every year.”—> Yes—> Dolphins. I hate those champagne-toasting, perfect-season schmucks. As for our Bolts, the description is sad, but all too often true for many San Diegans. “I occasionally have to be reminded that there’s a professional football team in my city.”—>”No, but I wish other people would go to the game so I could watch it on TV.”—> Chargers.

Damn you, TV blackouts…. I curse you to hell.


[via Interpretation by Design. Lobbed by Crew]

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