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Is It Weird That Kevin Durant is Rockin’ a SuperSonics Throwback Hat?

Serious question? Is Seattle pissed about him wearing this? Is Oklahoma City? I’m curious. Also, not saying he is… but he might* be checking Lobshots.com on his iPhone. -bp *he’s not. [via Darnell Mayberry]

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Russell Westbrook Continues to Not Give a Flying Eff What You Think About His Clothes

No socks, capris, and a murse? Would you wear it? Me? No chance. Yet, I love that Westbrook is willing to rock it. Continues to use his platform as one the NBA’s top players to showcase his ridiculous fashion sense. … Continue reading

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Yes, LeBron Got His Ring… Get Over It

The Heat won. The Thunder lost. Wasn’t the way a lot of us wanted it to go down, but it happened. LeBron got his ring. Good for him. He’s the best basketball player on the planet. He worked hard for … Continue reading

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The Happiest Fan in America…

THUNDER THIGHS! There she is!!! We featured her last year, and since we just discussed who the most depressed fans in America… figured it was only fair to let Thunder Thighs shine in her moment of glory. You go gurrrrl. … Continue reading

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The Durant Knight Rises…

What a picture. A passing of the torch, if you will… Duncan slumps off into the sunset…. Durant rises. What a game, too. Thunder took down the big bad Spurs. Maybe now the national media will stop jockin’ them so … Continue reading

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Is Tim Legler Just as Crazy as Metta World Peace?

First thing, how ’bout D. Fisher’s calves in that pic? What a stallion. On to Legler and Ron Ron… Apparently on Mike and Mike this morning, Greeny asked NBA analyst Tim Legler his thoughts on Metta World Peace’s post game … Continue reading

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How Pimp is James Harden?

These kicks are so pimp. “Hey, who’s shoes are those…oh, nevermind. That’s my bust. Those are James Harden’s shoes…I see that now.” Guessing the free pair of TOMS that goes to a needy child in Africa didn’t come customized. Amazing, nonetheless. Love this … Continue reading

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Some Chick Gets OKC Thunder Tattoos on her Thighs

What up Thunder Thighs! AY-OH! Get it? So dumb. This freakin’ chick. Just went up and got an enormous Oklahoma City Thunder tattoo on her thighs…or three of them. What are you thinking? I know that Oklahoma City has die hard … Continue reading

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Somebody Punch that Talking Basketball in the NBA Logo

I can’t be the only one that thinks these NBA talking basketball commercials are awful, right? I hate them. I love the idea of recapturing classic moments from past NBA Finals, but this stupid talking ball? So, so dumb. Here’s … Continue reading

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