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I Gotta See About a Girl…

Game 6 at Fenway tonight! There’s Pudge in Game 6, 1975. Hope it goes to Game 7. Anyway, speaking of Game 6’s at Fenway. If you’ve read my┬áTop Ten Movies of All Time list, you know that Good Will Hunting … Continue reading

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How Does A Celebrity Athlete Go To The World Series Without Being Noticed?

That’s how. Well played, Rondo. -bp

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What’s that you’re reaching for, Lester? A little glove goo for that slider? Or nothing? Probably nothing. Lester pitched a helluva game to put the Sox up 1-0 on the Cards. I’m guessing this is nothing, but what the hell … Continue reading

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Processing Game 6…and the Jersey That Once Was…

Honestly, I could barely sleep last night. That World Series game 6 had me so jacked up all night, I couldn’t keep my eyes closed. What I want to do is just write 50 posts today about the emotions of … Continue reading

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David Freese For Mayor!

If you missed Game 6 of the World Series last night, you are kickin’ yourself right now. It was one of the most poorly-played/amazingly-heroic games in World Series history. Just amazing. This screenshot in particular grabbed me. One of the … Continue reading

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The Real Reason Behind Tony LaRussa’s Bullpen Blunder

Everybody knows that Tony La Russa’s horrible bullpen managing in Game 5 of the World Series has been called into question… like, a lot. His explanation is questionable too. There are tons of them, but here’s the LaRussa explanation being … Continue reading

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La Russa’s Daughter Calls Ron Washington a “Crack Head”

I feel a bizarre connection to the La Russa family because we broke the news to the internet world that earlier this year, Tony’s daughter, Bianca La Russa, became a Raiderette. Now, it’s his other daughter, Devon La Russa, making … Continue reading

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So McCarver Can’t Count… Everybody Just Calm Down

I love how everybody is blasting McCarver this morning. During last night’s broadcast of Game 1 of the World Series on Fox, alongside of Joe Buck, McCarver, a speller master, blew it on his math, proclaiming, “It’s a five-letter word … Continue reading

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World Series! Nelson Cruz’s vs. David Freese’s

There’s a dude named Josh Hamilton on the Cruz’s, and a guy named Albert Pujols on the Freese’s too…. I think. So, neither the West Coast or the East Coast gives a crap about this game. MLB must be pissed. … Continue reading

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The World Series is Coming to St. Louis!

Hey, ESPN… great headline. Wow. A picture’s worth a thousands words, right? ESPN picked a few choice ones to go with that photo, huh? Dirty, dirty. In case you’re wondering, and you are… they’ve changed it. -bp [Darren Rovell]

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