Can A-Rod ‘rebound’?

"You fallin' in the love with the wall or something?"

Listen, he plays for the Yankees and gets paid a bajillion dollars, so he can’t really complain. But man, even off the field, whether it’s kissing mirrors, kissing girls, or getting his limp-wristed frosted tips fed popcorn at the Super Bowl… he is ALWAYS in the news. I just saw SB Nation’s Rob Neyer throw up a post here. It’s short and sweet, and honestly, I don’t have much to say about it. I just have a thought to ponder in regards to the title of the post… “Is Alex Rodriguez Primed for Rebound Season?” Awesome. A rebound season. Sure, he only hit .270, I get that… but the dude had 30 HR and 125 RBI. So, my question is this…aside from New York is there another market on the planet, that could get away with suggesting one of their players needs to “rebound” from a 30/125 season? I’d love to hear someone answer “yes”.

Ah, crap… I might’ve gotten this all wrong, maybe Rob Neyer was asking how he would rebound once this Cameron Diaz fling crumbles away like hand fed popcorn onto his lap?

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