Katy Perry Photoshop Job

We’re a new blog, so you might expect only sports here, because that’s our passion. Welp, cue the “stick to sports, A-Hole” comments. The above picture, it isn’t new news, I know this is an old story for the blogging world, but it just kept rearing it’s ugly smoking hot head, and my initial reaction to this has changed, so I’ll give you my thoughts. For those who haven’t seen any of the original coverage, please click here. The main gist of it? Katy Perry posed half-naked for a Rolling Stone cover shoot… they photoshopped the crap outta the image, and threw it up on the newsstands. A lot of articles simply point out they gave her a boob job in the picture, but who are we freaking kidding here… that’s like saying Heidi Montag got an eyebrow lift and that was it.

How much hotter was Heidi before all the surgeries? One man’s opinion. Back to the California Girl. So, just stare at that Katy Perry .gif for a little. Here are the things I noticed, and I’m sure I missed a few…
– boobs bigger and lifted (shocker that’s the first thing I noticed,  huh?)
– stomach wrinkles removed.
– honestly, who removes a sock?
– the incredible shrinking thigh
– arm pit crow’s feet disappeared
– skin folds over bra and panties (he said panties) are shrunk.
– wrinkles in her ‘clothes’ even smoothed
– shading and shadows altered.
– super smooth skin
– man-hands changed to princess fingers
– moles on the neck? poof! gone.

I know I’m a dude, and a lot of dudes are thinking… yeah, she’s way hotter in the photoshopped version, thank you Rolling Stone. Well, yeah, sure she is, so that makes it okay? C’mon. And everybody seems to be making the argument that Katy Perry is beautiful the way she is and it’s just preposterous that they photoshopped an already hot chick. Well, that argument simply tells me that it would’ve been okay to photoshop her if she was fat and ugly. Really? It’s effed up no matter how you cut. Here’s the point, and apologies as I step up on the soap box…but chicks struggle with their body image. A lot. To the point that us dudes don’t really get it. At all. Girls cry themselves to sleep and commit suicide over body image. Am I suggesting that Rolling Stone is causing girls to go commit suicide? No, of course not. I am suggesting that it’s friggin ridiculous that magazines “touch up” models to make them spotless, and it’s even more ridiculous when that touch up happens on Katy Perry. It’s downright depressing, actually. Katy is gorgeous and she’s got everything going for her… and now, girls across the world are thinking, “Damn, even Katy Perry’s not good enough… how can I ever be?” Well, trying to live up those standards of perfection? No, you can’t ever be good enough. So, Rolling Stone, and the rest of you airbrush/photoshoppers of the magazine world… KNOCK IT OFF. Let people be who they are. I hope Katy Perry comes out and makes a stink of this… I dunno, maybe she already has… but how cool would it be if came out and said, “Look at this! This is ridiculous, this is not me, and you shouldn’t try to make it YOU, either.” That’d be cool. Go get ’em, Katy. Alright, stepping down from my soapbox. And for good measure, here’s a natural, non photoshopped picture of me so that you see what a real blogger looks like. Cheers.

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