Black Mamba spoils Jesus Shuttlesworth

Elise Amendola / Associated Press / February 10, 2011

Yeah, yeah… Ray Allen broke the all time record for 3 Pointers made in the NBA. Congrats dude. Guess what else, Ray, it didn’t matter. In other stories that people actually care about, the Lake Show crushed the Celtics at the Garden last night and it was glorious. I don’t like anything about the Celtics. They disgust me. Every once in a while, they have a player that I don’t mind so much, Ray Allen is one of them. KG? All talk. Rondo? Cocky. Pierce? Looooathe. Shaq? Thanks for titles in LA.  Nate Robinson? Short and funny. Perkins? Real, real ugly. Big Baby? Exactly that. Shockingly, I kinda like Doc Rivers. Here’s what he said about Kobe Bryant last night.  “Listen, Kobe didn’t win the game with his offense. Kobe won the game today with his defense. I thought defensively, he was absolutely phenomenal. He was everywhere.” Well put, Doc.

"I hate my name. What kind of name is Jesus anyway?" "It's Biblical" "Yeah, no kidding."

There’s one dude whose smile was bigger than Ray Allen’s last night… and that’s the cat that cast Ray Ray as Jesus Shuttlesworth. Talk about knockin’ it out of the park… guy was a prophet. (It’s Biblical)


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