Skip Bayless vs. Magic Johnson

Hi, I’m Skip Bayless. I’m dumb. I’m awful at my job. I’m more annoying than a zit on the inside of your nose. Little known fact: I’m actually a ventriloquist, I speak out of my ass, but make it look like it’s coming from my mouth. Today, in an equally impressive feat, I decided to tweet out my ass to one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA, Magic Johnson. He’s amazing. Oddly, he actually decided to acknowledge my existence over twitter. Yea for me! Here’s how it started, I made a comment about Lebron, D Wade, and Bosh (The Miami 3) being a better trio than Kobe, Pau, Melo… followed by some outlandish comment about how the Miami 3 could take on any 3 players from the history of the Lakers or Celtics.

@RealSkipBayless Also: 3on3: Miami 3 vs. Kobe/Gasol/Melo? And: I’ll give you every all-time Laker & Celtic. I get everyone else. I’ll beat you.

I continued to rant.

@RealSkipBayless Here’s how I beat team of alltime Lakers/Celtics. I’ve got MJ! And DrJ! Hakeem/DHoward or Duncan inside. At point gd: LeBron vs. Magic. 

@RealSkipBayless But I’m the coach and I tell LeBron, take 1 3pter and Oscar comes in! No jumpshooting late in games or Nash comes in! Just drive and dish.
@RealSkipBayless Off bench I have Karl/Moses Malone, DWade and Isiah. I could go on. But MJ alone gives me edge over Magic/Kareem/Russell/Bird/Kobe.
This is where it gets good because someone with an actual brain joined the conversation. Magic tweeted me.
@MagicJohnson @RealSkipBayless, you’re wrong! The greatest Lakers & Celtics players of all time would beat ANY combination of NBA’s greatest players!
So I tweeted him back because I’m so smart.
@RealSkipBayless @magicjohnson: sorry, Magic, as much as I love you, LeBron’d be too big, strong, quick for you and MJ’d be even more clutch than you.
So, there you have it… an all time NBA great chatting a clown. I’ll take Earvin all day long. Good grief, I dislike Skip Bayless.
Magic’s next tweet, btw…a response to Carmelo Anthony tweeting to him.
MagicJohnson Man I’m on a roll! RT@carmeloanthony hey@magicjohnson -welcome to twitter. takes some time to get used to, I’m still tryin to figure it out
See LobShots article here begging the Lakers to pick up ‘Melo. Keep up the schmoozin’ Magic!

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