Charlie Sheen, part II: Advice for Lindsay Lohan

Charlie Sheen is back being interviewed on the Dan Patrick Show. He was on the show Monday, which you can read about here, and he’s back today, Wednesday. Just like Godfather, Part II… this is a sequel that did not disappoint. From the time of this post, the interview literally took place 10 minutes ago. He spoke about his relationship with Chuck Lorre of Two and A Half Men…nothing too shocking. Again, my quotes are to the best of my memory, not word for word, I’m sure. I’ll post the podcast when it’s available. When Dan asked about the response he’s gotten since his Monday appearance on the show, and Charlie replied, “I was elected President of the United States of America”. He complained that everybody made such a big deal about the “drink chocolate milk, stay off the crack” line for his UCLA pep talk. The real message was “enjoy every moment” and he feels that was lost in the media. Dan went on to ask, “Anything you’d like to clarify about Monday’s interview?” Charlie’s instant response “That would require having a memory of it.” BOOM! That was the first home run of the interview.

Dan made a point to get back to Two and a Half Men talk, “When do you start filming again?” Charlie: “They go back on the 28th, I go back on the 1st”. After a few tangents, “Are they holding you out so that you can recover?” Charlie: “I don’t really know. I’d only be offered opinions.” He went on to speak of someone from the show coming to his house and basically having an intervention with him. He was thankful for that. So, he’ll be shooting 4 more episodes of Two and A Half Men, and he plans on shooting next year for a whole season, per his contract. He said he was never high or drunk on the set… but often showed up on no sleep, requiring his “mark” on the set to moved so that he stand up straight by leaning on furniture.

Here’s the second home run of the interview. Apparently, a few weeks ago, Lindsay Lohan had said she was “worried” about Charlie Sheen. Welp, not to be outdone, Charlie had some advice for her. Charlie Sheen’s advice to Lindsay Lohan: “Work on your impulse control.”
I swear there is nothing better than Charlie Sheen giving advice to Lindsay Lohan. I’m trying to avoid all impulses to refer to pot calling kettles black, and all that crap. I can’t even think of a good comparison on advice giving? Mussolini to Hitler? Dahmer to Nightstalker? Tina Turner to Rihanna? Hell, I don’t know… you get the point… he’s the worst person on the planet to give advice to Lindsay Lohan.

Oh and for the 3rd home run of the interview, Nick Swisher is apparently “on board” to interview Charlie for a “tell-all” about his “epic” adventures. I cannot wait for that… please be real. Please be true. Don’t play with my emotions, Charlie.

Hey Nick, that shirt looks kinda familiar.



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