Mat Latos made San Francisco cry

Good grief, I can’t even believe I have to blog about this. However, I feel obliged. Last night, alongside our friends over at RJ’s Fro, we got into a minor tweet battle with a San Francisco Giants blog, Splashing Pumpkins. It started when the Fro put up a blog referencing a Mat Latos autographed ball that reads, “I hate SF.” Please read their blog here. The ball that is on eBay was signed by Latos, and I quote, “In the spirit of friendly competition with the Padres NL West rivals the San Francisco Giants.” In addition, “50% of the final sale price will support the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association”. So, just to be clear, in good natured fun, Latos signs 3 baseballs saying, “I hate SF”, with half of the proceeds going to charity, and the freaking Giants bloggers are complaining about it? Oh Booo Hooo, the Padres are making fun of us. It’s insane how easy you are making it for me to mock you. Silver platter service.

Giants fans just keep lobbin’ up things for us to take a shot at. Splashing Pumpkins wrote this blog as a response to the RJ’s Fro post. Even Big League Stew has chimed in on this. Here’s a quote from the incredibly clever wordplay blog named after a mediocre band, “And it’s pathetic, it really is. It’s actually saddening that a professional ballplayer, especially one of Latos’ talent (yes, he has talent, I said it), would stoop to that level.” I got news for you, bro. That’s pathetic. I’m actually saddened for you… that this got your panties all up in a bunch. Is Latos playing with fire a bit? Sure, so what. I love it. I love Mat Latos and his love and passion for the game. God bless him for having some fun with it.

Mat Latos: I hate SF

Giants blogger boy goes on to say, “Moreover, I’m disappointed by RJ’s Fro. I know little about the blog, but I’d also hold them to a standard of professionalism. This — “to all of you Giant fans reading this I know you’re a little slow, so the SF stands for San Francisco” — is childish. I’m certain that a quality Padres blogger — like Ducksnorts — would never utter such ignorance. It’s neither amusing nor clever. It’s just puerile.” First, calm the freak down, the Fro is just having some fun. Second, leave Geoff at Ducksnorts out of this, this has nothing to do with him, and you’re right, he might not utter anything about this, because he probably prefers to not dabble in the trivial.  Well, I’ll dabble. Trivial’s just my game. Childish? Disappointed? Ignorance? Puerile? Really, bro? Now you’re going to make your readers go get a dictionary to read your blog? Not cool. So, in the most “I know you are but what am I?” way possible… you grow up. Stop taking life and blogging so damn seriously. Go ahead, fire back… tell me how “childish” I am, or how “unprofessional” San Diego bloggers and athletes are. Oh! Oh! Better yet.. don’t respond! That’ll just prove that I’m a nobody…that’ll show me. Oh man, either way, I’m screwed! LobShots is the worst!

Listen, Padres fans aren’t dumb… they know they didn’t move from New York in 1958 and carry a storied rivalry here to the West Coast with you and the Dodgers. So, why do you care? Leave it alone. Go mess with the Dodgers, and let the silly little Padres fans and their players get excited about “I hate SF” balls. Let us have fun, while we cheer for a game. I repeat, a game. Didn’t you just win a World Series or something? Act like it.

The greatest trick the Padres ever pulled was convincing the Giants they didn’t exist.


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