One and a Half Men

I’ve said it here before, Two and Half Men is one of my favorite TV shows…and now it’s canceled. We’ve given multiple real time updates on the Charlie Sheen saga, found here and here, but he finally went too far in the eyes of CBS. After his numerous interviews and rants, CBS canceled the show. Here are some of the gems from Charlie’s latest verbal spewing, “I was told if I went on the attack they’d cancel the show,” he told TMZ. “Are they happy with the 5 billion dollars they made off me or do they want 10? I’m not fair game. I’m not a soft target.” His relationship with the show’s creator, Chuck Lorre, has been well documented. He just continues to rip the guy, and even rips AA, saying they’re a cult. Here’s the link to the NY Post article about it.

Happier times with Chuck and Charlie (MARK RALSTON, AFP/Getty Images)

How pissed are Jake and Alan right now? Super. Well… peace out, Charlie. I hope you don’t die in a bender with Lindsay Lohan. Cuidado amigo. Anxiously awaiting that tell-all interview with Nick Swisher…


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