Tiki Barber is a NFL sized joke

via @sivault

my buddy…my buddy…wherever I go, heeeee goes!”

Hey Tiki,
I heard you were coming out of retirement! I spoke to a few of my close friends, some dead, some alive… and guess what, they said it’s a great idea for you to come back! Here are some pictures of the guys I spoke with… all of whom went out on top of their game.
All my love,

Joe Namath, Los Angeles Rams

Johnny Unitas, San Diego Chargers

Jerry Rice, Denver Broncos

Jim Everett, San Diego Chargers

Michael Jordan, Washington Wizards

Patrick Ewing, Seattle Supersonics

Karl Malone, Los Angeles Lakers

Willie Mays, New York Mets

Babe Ruth, Boston Braves

Wade Boggs, Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Arnold, San Diego Padres


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