Kook of the Week: Jim Tressel

What are you staring at, Vest? You think you’re better than me? I’d love to smack that smug look right off your face. Nice sweater vest, real cute. If you haven’t heard yet, Jim Tressel, head football coach of “the” (intentionally left lower case) Ohio State Buckeyes got caught lying. Basically, he knew his players violated NCAA rules and lied to the school about it. They were selling OSU memorabilia illegally. So, they slapped a $250,000 fine and a 2 game suspension on him. The NCAA has yet to announce their punishment. There are tons of details to the story and you can read about them all here.

I really don’t think this would bother me that if it was any other high profile college football coach. But man, this guy just walks around like he’s better than you and everybody else. Damn that stupid sweater. That goes for all of you friggin Buckeyes fans. So what, your football team is usually very good. You live in Ohio… suck it. Wait. Hold that thought, you don’t live in Ohio at all, do you? The media will call you a fan-base that “travels well”. Uh, I call B.S. You’re a fan-base that “moves well”. As in, I live in Ohio, time to get the eff outta Dodge, because this place sucks. Yeah, I know, I’m pissing you OSU fans off, I don’t care. These jokers all walking around San Diego like they own the damn place. At the beach, at the bars, on the streets…wherever. They see some other clown wearing red and they shout out their stupid “O – H!!” waiting for some other loser in the crowd to finish off the “I – O!!” Fun! Let’s start a chant! I rarely feel like punching strangers in the face… but I want to every time I hear that crap. Yeah, I’m talking to you, J. Scott. Burto. Clowns. I love you, but I hate your fanhood. Awesome necklaces you fans rock too. Gigantic rabbit turds hanging neatly around your necks.

The NCAA rule that prevents these kid athletes from selling stuff that is theirs… is dumb. But that’s beside the point, these kids knew that what they were doing was wrong. If they didn’t know, they would have put their gear up on eBay. Instead, they gave it some shady tattoo parlor owner being investigated for drug trafficking. Real smart. You wanna walk around like you’re better than everybody else, Ohio State? You wanna separate yourself from every other decent college football program? You wanna give your fans something to be proud of? Fire Jim Tressel. If you don’t, you’re just like everybody else.


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