NERDS Wait in Line for New Apple iPad 2

NERDS!!! I’m trying to think of a nice way to put this… I can’t. Nobody on the planet is easier to make fun of than Apple nerds. NERDS!!! Listen, I own an iPad… I’ve seen the commercials for the new one. It looks sweet. But c’mon, give me a freaking break. I just had lunch in the food court at UTC mall in San Diego and no joke, there is a line a couple hundred feet deep of these dorks sitting under umbrellas.

No, it’s not raining…no, they are not protecting themselves from tsunami fears…they are hiding for the perfect 80 degree weather, waiting in line. The sun might melt their fragile pale skin. Wait a few weeks, you losers, the iPad will still be there. Didn’t you learn anything when all the 40 different versions of the iPhone came out? Having the iPad 2 the day it comes out does nothing to better your life. You people drive me insane. You deserve to wait in line for hours on end…. you idiot nerds.

By the way, everyone knows that Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds is the Capital One viking guy in the commercials, right? Nice to see your career has taken a turn for the better, Ogre.


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