SDSU No. 2 seed = Final Four

San Diego State's Tim Shelton celebrates as he helps cut down a net after the No. 7 Aztecs' 72-54 victory over No. 8 BYU in the Mountain West Conference tournament championship game Saturday. (Ethan Miller / Getty Images)

Third time’s a charm, right? SDSU finally beat Jimmer Fredette and the BYU Cougars on Saturday to win the Mountain West Tournament. That gives them a record of 32-2, with the only two losses coming to Jimmer. Go ahead, you freakin Cougars, cue all the “The absence of Brandon Davies was the only reason SDSU won.” If you had that thought… suck it. You’re wrong. SDSU came out to play on Saturday, and Brandon Davies certainly would have helped BYU, but he would not have led them to a win. Jimmer was fantastic, as usual, but Steve Fisher’s defensive game plan was better. Billy White played out of his mind, on both offense and defense. Kawhi Leonard, stud that he is, said that he wasn’t bothered by Jimmer winning the tournament MVP. “I just thought it would go to the winning team,” Leonard said. “But, you know, he played a great tournament, so I’m not doubting him at all. I don’t know what he averaged, but he had 52 in the semifinal game. That deserved the MVP.” Way to rise above, son. Nobody would’ve raised an eyebrow had you got the MVP though.

BYU's Jimmer Fredette & SDSU's Billy White (Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News)

SDSU. To the rest of the nation… those are 4 letters they will soon know well. To those of us here in San Diego, those are our favorite 4 letters that just landed a No. 2 seed in the West Bracket of the NCAA Tournament. I’m so fired up for these guys, I can barely contain myself. My guess is that the Aztecs were even more excited to find that they’d landed a No. 2 seed in the West. If the Aztecs take care of business in the first couple games, it is a path that will take them through Anaheim… a virtual home game for us, in the West Regionals. But, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves since we as fans know all too well… SDSU has never won an NCAA Tournament game.

Most No. 2 seeds have never even heard of their No. 15 seeded opponents. Not so much for SDSU. These Northern Colorado “whatever their mascot is” a.holes beat SDSU last time they played each other, 3 years ago, at Viejas Arena. Ok, I just googled their mascot… they are the Bears… their mascot? Klawz. I’m making making this up. Klawz. You’re afraid of the Klawz!!

And yes, I’m pissed I couldn’t find a picture of Jerry in Liar Liar trying to do his “claw” impersonation using 1 finger. Man, how do you go from Westley in the Princess Bride, possibly one of the most pimp characters in the history of American Cinema… to freaking Jerry, the laughing stock boyfriend that can’t even do the damn claw to make a kid laugh. Epic movie role collapse. Ok, back to what’s important. Klawz. It wasn’t bad enough for you to attempt to be original by misspelling Claw and throwing that “K” in there. Bush. Then the “Z” at the end? Really? Boyz II Men, ABC, BBD, the East Family. Seriously, I know The Show is reading this… please call up this number and see if Klawz is available for an event during the game. See if we can rent him out. Throw a BELIEVE t-shirt on him. “If you would like Klawz to make an appearance at your event, please contact UNC Marketing Department at (970) 351-2185.” That’s a real number. Book him.

Something else I find hysterical. Northern Colorado refers to themselves as UNC. Ah crap!? SDSU is playing the North Carolina Tarheels!?! Nope. Northern Colorado BearKlaws. Nice job on your three letters. You’re famous. Now SDSU is gonna eat you for breakfast. (You eat pieces of sh*t for breakfast?) Speaking of team short-names… how ’bout ESPN stops referring to SDSU as “SD St.” We’re not freaking South Dakota, you jerkbags, knock it off. Maybe you’ll get it right once we knock off your precious little media darling Duke Blue Devils and make it to the Final Four. Boom. Predicted.


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