Top 5 NCAA Tournament Players – Opening Rounds

God, I love March Madness.  It’s my favorite sports time of the entire year.  And this tournament has had just as many exciting games as I can remember.  Oh, and how’s my bracket? I am still paying attention to it… as for my boy BP’s? Go google “DFL”.  To go along with these great games, there have been great players.  I give you my top 5 players through the first weekend…

Honorable Mentions: Derrick Williams (Arizona), Nolan Smith (Duke), Tyler Zeller (UNC), Shelvin Mack (Butler), Brittney Griner (Hard Knocks).

5. Jimmer Fredette (BYU) – I tried like hell not to mention this clown.  Coming from a couple of guys who are big time Aztec fans, BP and I have had more than enough Jimmer for the year… Fredette about him.  He’s too slow, short, white, and celibate to be any good at basketball… but unfortunately he is.  What’s that mom?? If you don’t have something nice to say don’t what??  Fine, he’s leading the tournament in points… loser.

4. David Lighty (OSU) – I am sure Lighty is a very nice guy who means well.  He just has made one terrible decision in his life… committing to Ohio State.  I won’t elaborate much more than BP did here, but I went to college at Miami of Ohio and as a result it has created a hate for Ohio State and its fans that can’t be matched.  As for Lighty, after cruising through their first game, Lighty went 7-7 from deep and dropped 25 points on George Mason.  Along with FAT Jared Sullinger, he’s the main reason I’m afraid that I’ll have to deal with my obnoxious OSU fans if they win it all.

3. Kenneth Faried (Morehead St.) – Dude is an absolute Man Child.  Watching him run around with his Morehead State teammates, or the NCAA version of the Little Giants, was ridiculous.  He’s Busta Rhymes meets Becky “The Ice Box” O’Shea.  He led the NCAA in rebounding during the season and is the only legitimate NBA pro prospect that will ever, EVER, go to Morehead State.  I’d also like to thank him for single-handedly blowing up my bracket when they beat Louisville in the first round, which was actually the second round (I see ya Bato). Coolest part about this guy though?? The fact that he carries his kid around with him on the court after a victory just to prove he is that much more of a man than you are.

2. Kawhi Leonard (SDSU) – Sure, a homer pick.  But I love this dude, and he’s the only reason SDSU is still in this tournament. Coming into March, SDSU’s most glaring flaw was its inability to make free throws at the end of games and put teams away.  Enter Leonard.  Who finished 6-6 from the line with several clutch free throws in overtime.  He’s averaging 18 points, 10 boards, and two mickey mouse sized hands.

1. Kemba Walker (UConn) – Here’s my tournament MVP so far.  Walker and his teammates have forgotten how to lose after cruising through the Big East tournament and having walkovers in the first two rounds of the Big Dance.  Kemba was two boards short of a triple-double against Bucknell and went for 33 against Cincy.  All that being said… I would love nothing more than to not mention Kemba’s name next week as his season will have ended around 6pm Pacific Time on Thursday.

Can’t wait to bring the Boss Button back,



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