Jared Sullinger Vows to Give Up Twinkies

Oh wait, he vowed to stay at Ohio State next year…that’s my bust. Musta read the article wrong. How’s that chant go? O – H !!! Everybody now… GO HOME! Is that not how it finishes? My dislike for the Ohio State Buckeyes football and fanhood is well documented. However, what I’ve yet to share my distaste for their basketball program as well. Fat Sullinger, I’m glad you vowed to stay at school. I like that. Let’s be honest though, you should vow to stay away from Twinkies. You should also vow to stop screaming after a slam dunk. You clowns were the number 1 seed in the entire NCAA March Madness tournament… you’re the star… act like it. Good grief. People who scream like that after a dunk…should be 5’8″ and white. They deserve that kind of excitement. You’re 6’9″ dude, and well…you’re not white. You dunk, it’s what you do…start jumping over Kia’s and then I’ll allow you to get a little excited about it. Until then, shut up, and enjoy watching the game from your living room. Bright side? You’re still the number 1 seed on your couch.


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