Top 5 NCAA Tournament Players – Regional Finals

The most ridiculous Final Four ever is upon us.  We are guarunteed to see a good vs. evil final and the chance for the worst seeded team ever to win it all (Villanova, 8 seed).  Despite the fact that the right half of my bracket locks like its bleeding with all the red x’s, I couldn’t be more excited for the weekend.  In the meantime, my top 5…

5. Jeremy Lamb – The baby face killer.  The Huskies start three freshman, a sophomore, and some guy named Kemba who seems to be holding them back.   They won 9 games in 19 days against the best competition they have played all year.  They steamrolled through the Big East tourney and have had their way so far in the NCAA, aside from a scare from Arizona.  The real reason for their recent success, is not Kemba Walker, but this little boy Jeremy Lamb.  During the season, Lamb averaged just 11 points, held a girls hand for the first time, and had two parent teacher conferences.  But during the NCAA tournament run… he’s been a stud and consistently filling the bucket when Walker can’t get his.  I just hope Kemba teaches him how to shave next year.

4. Jamie Skeen – I love Virginia Commonwealth.  I’ll be honest before looking up Skeen, I didn’t know anything about their team except their point guard is 5 foot nothing and their coach’s name is Shaka… which is awesome.  But after watching them knock off Kansas (My tournament champs in every cracket), there is nothing I didn’t love about them.  Skeen went for 26 points and led the Rams in every aspect of the word.  I hope they win it all because I’d love to see the party in Commonwelath City, Virginia.  (That’s it, right?)

3. Brandon Knight – He was a megaprospect coming out of high school after winning National Player of the Year his Junior and Senior seasons.  The only two ever to do that before… Lebron James and Grandpa Greg Oden.  Knight is one of Kentucky’s revolving door of “One and Done’s” that will leave to be a lottery pick in the NBA and completely forget that he played college basketball.  Don’t feel bad for Cheatapari though, he’s got 3 of the top 6 incoming freshman next year.  Just like Lamb, Knight looks like an infant, but he’s carried Kentucky through the toughest bracket in the tournament and in to the Final Four.

2. Matt Howard – The best player on the Bulldogs is Shelvin Mack, hands down… and Howard looks more like Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network then the starting power forward for a Final Four team.  But Howard hit the game winning shot against Old Dominion in the opening round and then knocked down the game winning free throw at the end of the tournament’s first upset of a #1 seed, against Pitt.  He’s got the experience, leadership, and gross baggy socks to make a big impact in this weekend’s games.

1. Kemba Walker – At least one player from my Top 5 last week is still here… and for good reason.  After going down 9-1 early in their Elite 8 game against Arizona, Kemba and Co. decided to check in to the game and take care of business. They tied it up at 18 and pushed it out from there.  My favorite part about Walker’s game… his arrogance.  It always seems like he knows exactly what he is doing out there.  Whether it is taking a terrible flop against SDSU, or hitting a clutch 3 and holding his hand up to his eye like he’s a sniper, dude bleeds confidence.  I picture him being the next Reggie Miller in the NBA… draining 6 three’s in the Garden and going over to Spike Lee and balltapping him.

My Final Four prediction… Kentucky over VCU

Cheatapari… I hate you.

– Showman

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