Lakers Lose 5th Straight: I Blame Bieber

Damn you Bieber, Damn you.  The last time I heard anything about you was when you were lighting up Staples Center at the Celebrity All-Star game and taking MVP honors.  You were drilling 3’s, crossing over C-List Celebs, and getting swatted back in to pre-school by Scottie Pippen.  It was awesome, the crowd loved you, I think you even did the Dougie with your MVP trophy.  But the greatest gift you gave to the City of Angels… was that you left your Mojo with the Lakers.  As soon as big boy basketball began again, the Lakers were unstoppable.  They won 8 in a row and 17 of 18.  Queens Bridge had Bieber Fever. Kobe was actually praising his teammates.  The Lakers were making a run at the Spurs and the #1 overall seed in the Western Conference.  Life was good.

Then waaaa happened??  Bieber’s mojo must have worn off.  The Lakers just lost their 5th straight game on Sunday night to a Thunder team that they might have to face again come playoff time.  Matt Barnes finished the game with a stat line that looked eerily similar to mine from JV basketball in high school… 50% from the free throw line and more fouls than points. Awesome.  Lamar Odom, the league favorite for 6th man of the year, was too busy winking and blowing kisses to the missus as they filmed an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians at the game.  I bet Phil and Jack loved that.

Kobe & Co. still have the inside track to the #2 seed with two games left to play, but they need to figure out what they are missing.  Fortunately for them, I know what that is and how to save their season… it comes in the form of a Canadian teeny-bopper with a flock of seagulls haircut.  So I’d like ask this of Ron Artest, if he ever wants to make his song “Champion” relevant again, fly J Biebs out for the first game of the playoffs to reignite the mojo at Staples.  In the meantime, as the Lakers spiral downwards, I’ll have to say is: Damn you Bieber, Damn you.


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