LobShots Most Influential Athletes… Taste it, Forbes

The Amazing Dorn, Cerrano, Jake, Ricky, and Willie Mays-Hayes...that's 5 right there.

I wish it didn’t bother me… but this Forbes’ Most Influential Athletes list is lodged under my skin. So, I did the only logical thing a sports blogger can do… fix it. I’ve combined forces with Showman and Mac to bring you Lobshots Most Influential Athletes list. We’ll set the record straight on this. For good measure, we made it top 20, in no particular order.

AC Slater, Wrestling & Football

Teen Wolf, Baller

Benny The Jet, Baseball

Rod Tidwell, Football

Roy McAvoy, Golf

Ultimate Warrior, Wrestling

Kathy Ireland, Football

Chubbs, Golf

Ryan Dunne, Baseball

Wille Beaman, Football

The Entire Cast from "Angels in the Outfield", Faithful Ballplayers

Ricky Bobby, NASCAR

Squints Palledorous

Chubby, Basketball & Competitive Eating

Arnold, Baseball

A few notes…Yes, we recognize that we give multiple shoutouts to Major League, Sandlot and Teen Wolf. They are all well deserved.  Ever met the guy that actually played the Wolf during the basketball scenes? Because it wasn’t Michael J. Fox. Have at it. Everybody thought we’d give the shaft to Nascar. Not true, baby Jesus. I just realized, btw, that this isn’t the first time I’ve ripped on Forbes. They are just well versed in suck, I guess.


Special props to Mac on this as he came up with most of these gems.

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