The Superheroes Among Us

Mark Gormus/Richmond Times-Dispatch

Just making sure everybody saw this picture last week. Take a sec to examine it closely. I absolutely love it. It went viral for a reason. Love this mom. I’ve got my baby… and I’ve got my mitt…don’t eff with me. This happened at a minor league baseball game in Richmond… and let’s not pretend that we haven’t covered the Richmond Flying Squirrels before and their mascots Nutzy and Zinger. A Mighty Mouse-esque squirrel, and a giant inflatable acorn. Well, move over boys, the Squirrels’ have a new mascot: Tiffany Goodwin, Virginia SuperMom. Read here to find the whole story on her and this catch. It’s worth the read. I love how she completely robbed her husband of all of his foul-ball-catching hopes and dreams. Reminded me of something that happened to me many years ago. I remember, before I even started dating my wife, she robbed me of a home run in Over The Line. I crushed the ball, and I swear she ran backwards, just closed her eyes, turned her head, threw up her glove and boom… the heavens opened and the ball landed in the her mitt. Unbefreakinglievable. To this day, she rubs in my face, brags about it… on the outside, I just smile, laugh, and pretend it’s no big deal. Inside, I figure she’s some kind of superhero and being my wife is just her cover here on earth.


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