Minor League Baseball Mascots Rule

I’m on a mascot kick, I guess. Yesterday I ripped the Northern Colorado Bears because they named their mascot Klawz. So dumb. Today, I have a new obsession. I love small town. I love minor league baseball. Combine the two…gems await. Such is the case with the Richmond Flying Squirrels, the Double A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants. I hate the Giants, but I love me some Flying Squirrels. Minor league baseball is the best… always coming up with wacky promotions and mascots to get fans in the stands. So, the Richmond mascot’s name is Nutzy, named during a fan contest a couple years ago. Yup. Nutzy. Anyway, this guy is nothing more than a modern day suped up version of Mighty Mouse. Try to tell me I’m wrong.

Anyway, I guess that Richmond felt every good super hero mascot needs a sidekick, so they held a contest that received over 3,000 votes to name their new inflatable sidekick to Nutzy. The winning name? Zinger. That’s entire blog in and of itself… neat name! Zing! Meet Zinger.

The Richmond Flying Squirrels have two mascots now. Zinger and Nutzy. Is it just me or would it be a little more fitting for the names to be reversed? Zinger: “Hey, Nutzy! Yeah you. I’m the acorn, you’re a stupid ripped squirrel, why do you get the name Nutzy, huh? And what is this stupid plastic flap coming down the middle of my forehead? I mean, c’mon… ‘Zinger’? What the hell is my name supposed to mean? I wanna be Nutzy.” Nutzy: “Oh, you wanna be Nutzy? How bout this? Count your blessings that I don’t stuff you in my cheek for the winter and then eat you when I’m hungry. How bout that? Now shutup, Zinger.”

The fans are the real winners here, folks. Endless zingers and nut jokes await. I repeat, I love small town, and I love minor league baseball. Oh, and I love nuts.


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