Hey Sizzlechest, it’s Rizzo! R-I-Z-Z-O

Rizzo! Rizzo! Rizzo! Holy Crap, people! It is Rizzo-mania here in San Diego. The hype around town right now for Anthony Rizzo being called up to the Padres big boy squad is outta control. He is, of course, the centerpiece, along with pitcher Casey Kelly, of the Adrian Gonzalez to Boston trade. Read about his call up here. Not even kidding… you’d think that Tony Gwynn in his prime, Adrian Gonzalez, and Ken Caminiti at the height of his ‘roid rage all morphed into a single person and his name is Anthony Rizzo. Move over Pujols, there’s a new All-Star 1B in the National League. Don’t get me wrong, I’m drinking the Kool-Aid. The second the Padres started Brad Hawpe in right field, I got all giddy at the hope that they’d call him up in June. I’m in a keeper league for fantasy baseball. Two days ago, when Yahoo Fantasy Baseball put him on the board, I immediately picked him up. I’m freaking pumped to see this kid. He’s mashing in the minor leagues. As noted by MLB Padres writer Corey Brock, “Is Rizzo ready? Certainly his .365 average, .444 on-base percentage and 1.159 OPS after two months of bashing 16 home runs and driving in 63 runs presents a compelling case for his promotion.” Hate to put too much pressure on this kid, I really just want to see him play. That said, if he doesn’t hit two bombs tonight, I’m dropping his ass from my fantasy team.


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