Busy Friday? FORESKIN MAN to the Rescue!

Busy, busy day today kids. Apologies for not having time to post any new and exciting blogs. I had a free minute so I google’d “superheroes” to find out why my “Superheroes on Steroids” post was getting so much traffic the past couple days. Easy answer is “movies”. In theatres right now is Thor, Super 8, and X-Men: First Class. I’m guessing that’s the main driver for a buncha dorks coming to this site. The hidden gem in my search? Foreskin Man. You can’t make this crap up. I didn’t even read the article. I don’t care if you have a normal looking unit, or an anteater. Either way, you’re fine by me… but I’ll be damned if it’s okay to name a superhero after the cause, whatever it is. Dorks.

In other news, Rizzo tripled last night and Lebron has the competitive drive of a possum playing dead.


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