“The Dark Knight Rises” at Heinz Field: Pittsburgh Steelers and Gotham Rogues

I recently shared with you how fired up I am for the new Batman movie. The third installment of the new series, after Batman Begins and The Dark Knight…comes The Dark Knight Rises. I’ve being keeping tabs on the filming of The Dark Knight Rises because I love the series and its new involvement with the NFL. Filming took place this past weekend at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. We knew that several Steelers players would serve as football players during the filming of the movie. The Steelers players, including Ben Roethlisberger and Hines Ward, and their team was the Gotham Rogues playing against the Rapid City Monuments. We’ve been kept updated by UniWatch, who pointed out that you will indeed see Steelers players in the film, “but not LaMarr Woodley or James Harrison, because the uniforms in the film included the Under Armour logo, which would have created a conflict with their precious corporate endorsements.” So, as confirmation to all the reports, we now have some pictures of the Steelers and Heinz Field all set up for the filming of The Dark Knight Rises.
Yes, those are terrible towels. Well, similar to the Terrible Towel at least. It’s yellow. It’s being waved. It’s in Heinz field. It’s terrible to me. Here’s a brief synopsis of some of the on field events taken from the Screen Rant where we got these pictures as well. You can also find some video there. “We’ve put together some other highlights below (check out CBM for the full report — though a few of the on-site details have since been debunked) — followed by a gallery of Heinz Field shoot images (thanks again to CBM as well as the Batburgh Facebook page):

– The bane scene was him walking out of the tunnel after the field was blown up. He spoke into a mic he took off a dead referee. He literally sounds like an old man on a respirator. It was hard to make out what he said. Something along the lines of “your city is being liberated…” he had a big object about 5 feet tall, it was a sphere, probably a bomb. Think about the one in the batman movie with two-face at the circus.

– The explosions just happened, couldn’t get a picture bc our section had to run away from it. They just said that the “field will be totally destroyed” and the only part left is the one picture I sent you with the field elevated.

– They are filming the football scene now where the players are running & the field is blowing up. There are holes in that plateau the players disappear into.”

I guess that explains the raised platform on the field. Here are a few more pictures of Hines Ward and some tumblers.

As for the Steelers and Heinz Field… I’m sure they got paid a ton for this, and if you’ve got the crappiest playing field in the NFL, why not bring in a major Hollywood movie, mess it up even more, and start from scratch when they’re done. Makes sense to me.

Oh, and what did you get for being a part of the big day as an extra?

This….and some cool memories, I’m sure.


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