Man Crush of the Week: Arian Foster Blasts Colin Cowherd on Twitter.

(July 12, 2011 - Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images North America)

Arian Foster is skyrocketing up the charts of my favorite people on the planet. Check out that suit from the Espys? Pimp. There’s been a few other things too. Last year, I drafted him in like the 4th round of my fantasy draft. He single-handedly won my league for me. Cha-ching. So, I was already a big fan of Arian Foster back when he did this…which made me a bigger fan. Then, this past weekend… there was a collective gasp across the nation for everyone, myself included, that drafted Arian Foster for their fantasy team when they saw him get hurt in San Francisco on Saturday. Were we concerned with Arian the person, or Arian the fantasy player? Yes, there’s a difference. As a fantasy owner, I really want Arian to get better. As a person, I pray he does. It’s easy for us as fans to only think about these dudes as stat machines. In reality, they are just normal dudes like us. Here are Arian’s thoughts on his injury.

You people are sick. Haha. Absolutely love it. I know, I know… tons of people are out there, “lighten up, Arian” and all that. But to me, this tweet is a giant ‘eff you’ to everyone selfish in the world. Which sadly, most of the time, includes me. Well, Arian, I’m taking that ‘eff you’ and running with it. You’re my new favorite player. It gets better, ESPN SportsNation blowhard, Colin Cowherd, had this to say to Arian…

Good one, bro. The ole ‘signed, everybody’ joke. Hysterical. Arian thought so.

Yes! Arian Foster, FTW!!! Nothing better than blasting another man’s humility…especially when you’re dead on. Again, some folks are saying Foster just needs to calm down and take a joke… but I’m proud of the kid. Blast away. Stand up for yourself, and if you don’t like what someone else has to say about it… let ’em know. Good work, Arian.

Arian, when you were a senior at Mission Bay High School here in San Diego… I lived so close to the school, I could literally drive a golf ball from the roof of my place in Pacific Beach and hit the high school. To this day, I’m so pissed I never went to go watch you play a game. Now, you’re kicking ass and taking names in the NFL. Keep it up, son. I’m cheering for you whether you’re on my fantasy team or not. Unless, of course, you’re playing the Chargers… I’ll cheer for you to rack up 400 yards rushing for all I care, just as long as the Bolts win.


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