Pete Rose and the Padres Mystery is Solved

See, this is why I love you Lobsters, why I love running a sports culture blog… I blog on things I really don’t know crap about… and BAM! Lobsters to the rescue. In reality, since UniWatch linked up our Pete Rose and the San Diego Padres, we received a lot of traffic from some very well informed uniform history folks.

Well, mystery solved. Here’s a link to the Sports Illustrated article about Pete Rose and free agency. When I said, “This photo looks to date in the late 1970′s, and we know Rose was on the Reds, or possibly the Phillies if it was 1979” it was a fairly accurate guess. Love that Pete Rose is pretending to take a bite out of a burger for the picture with his Padres cap on… get it? RAK. Ray A. Kroc. Owner of the Padres, owner of McDonald’s. Clever, Pete.


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