Win a Free Trip to the Morgue! Worst MLB Promotion Ever.

On September 23rd, the much anticipated movie MONEYBALL starring the dreamy Brad Pitt and the even dreamier Jonah Hill will be released in theaters. Listen fellow Lobsters, I know a movie about baseball starring the aforementioned hunks sounds amazing, but before you watch this movie it is essential that you read the book. Essential. The only way this movie will be good is if you have read the book first. I have never been so enthralled in a book as I was with this one. I kid you not, you will read it in like 3 sittings, it’s that good.

Ok, enough with forcing you to read, the reason I am writing this is to inform you of an AMAZING sweepstakes that is putting on!  Just for signing up you are entered to win the following amazing prizes!

  • Two (2) tickets to attend the Moneyball movie premiere in Oakland, CA
  • Two (2) Oakland A’s regular-season home-game tickets
  • A three (3) day/two (2) night trip including roundtrip air transportation and hotel accommodations

Holy crap!!! Wow, really??? You mean I get the chance to go the city with California’s highest violent crimes and murder rate? The city with the 3rd highest rate in the whole country? You even get to go see a movie there! Better yet, they will put you up in a hotel right in downtown Oakland! I love motels with bars on the windows and sin-soaked beds! You also get 2 tickets to see the Oakland A’s play! You mean I get to watch a sub .500 team play a regular season game featuring star players ….um…. hold on a sec… um… Hideki Matsui and Josh Willingham!?!  Really.. those are their stars.. no joke.  Hot diggity dog, sign me up!!! Hopefully they even let you ride BART (Bay Area’s version of the subway) into the city, where you will be immersed in the wonderful Oakland culture. <—Hopefully this guy will be there. You might even get lucky enough to see a Raiders game while you are in town. If BP’s previous experience doesn’t get you excited to jump into the Raider Nation I don’t know what will.  As LT said, it’s like they took all the bad people from the whole Bay Area and corralled them into Oakland, leaving the rest of the bay freakin’ awesome and Oakland sucking as bad as their sports teams and gonorrhea and herpes and this blog post.
So, go sign up for you Moneyball Sweepstakes! Don’t forget to look for the fine print on the waiver though. “MLB is not responsible for murder of any type, muggings, stabbings, rape, mayhem, kidnapping or organ harvesting


Haha. Great post by Mac. His second guest post of the week. Riddle me this though… how does MLB come up with one of the greatest promotional sweepstakes in history here…. then also come up with this Moneyball piece of crap? Blows the mind…


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