Padres Fan Blasted in the Face by a Will Venable Home Run

(if the video above doesn’t work, here’s the link to

Will Venable just crushing a Matt Cain pitch for a leadoff home run. That’s a great way to start the game for the Padres, and an awful way to start the game for that fan. I was at this game yesterday…you could hear a collective gasp from everybody in the crowd that had a view of TV for the replay. Can’t believe this dude didn’t get knocked out cold. Blasted right in the side of his face. For those of you that can’t see videos at work or whatever… here’s a few screen shots.

Usher: "Thanks for coming to the game today, guys. Your seats of over there in that section."

"Yep, just right over there... two sections over."

"Why's everybody standing up and looking at us?"

"The game must be getting started...the crowd is cheering a bit."

"What the hell is wrong with your buddy? Was it something I said?"

Sweet Jesus, Holy Mary Mother of God!!! I think I just got shot in the ear hole with a cannon.” This is no joke. Dude got smashed in the side of the face, ricocheted off his shoulder and launched a good 25 feet away into the tunnel. Ouch, bro.


(yes, I realize there’s a decent chance that dude was a Giants fan since there were more of them there at Petco yesterday than Padres fans…I just didn’t want to admit that in the title. I hope it was a Giants fan…pay attention to the damn game.)


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