Goodbye Heath Bell, Hello Huston Street… Padres Trade for the Rockies Closer

Wow, that was quick. Twitter has been exploding about a possible trade with the Rockies and now Thomas Harding of reports that Huston Street to the Padres is a done deal. Not cheap either, he’s due to be paid $7.5 mill in 2012…which was Heath Bell’s salary in 2011. Don’t even know yet what the Padres gave up for him. Not sure how I feel about this, but my gut reaction is “well, he’s definitely better than anybody else we had in the bullpen“. His career ERA is 3.11, which isn’t anything to get excited about for a closer, but you’d have to think that number is inflated with Coors Field as your home ballpark. Expect that sucker to get smaller now that he’s pitching in Petco.


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