Padres new Closer Huston Street is a Speedo-Wearing, Cross-Dressing, Party Animal!

Hahaha. Just messin’ with ya, Huston. I have zero problem with any of these pics. Cross-dressing is a must for rookie-hazing…or halloween for that matter. Speedos are a must, well no where, except for an Olympic swimming pool, but I still have no problem with you rockin’ ’em. If you got it, flaunt it. What I’d have a problem with is Heath Bell rollin’ around in those. As for the party pics… one minute you have a couple of girls at the bar running up to you asking for a picture… the next thing you know they’re licking your face and it’s all over the internet and you’re some big a.hole. Not your fault.

Welcome to San Diego, bro. I hope you don’t suck.


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