Patriots Fan vs. Broncos Fan – A Spiritual Duel

Hmmmmm…SATAN? As a Chargers fan…if this doesn’t sum up the perception of Patriots’ fans… nothing does. I wish I was there when this Pats fan bought this jersey, because I’ve never actually seen somebody purchase a ticket to hell. The framing of the photo is so classic… good vs. evil. Evil hovering over good…darkness trying to overcome the light. The ONLY thing that would’ve made this photo better? If the Tebow fan had this jersey:

Aside from the obvious Jesus vs. Satan comparisons, there are a couple other things to notice about it. How awesome is it when skinny little white kids leave the stickers on the bills of hats? Real awesome. And this Satan guy… I love that he has a Santa Claus hat on…we get it, bro… Jesus is NOT the reason for your Christmas season.


[h/t UniWatch]

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