Hey Rainn Wilson, Shut the Hell Up!

Nice Seahawks jersey, ass. How in the hell does Rainn Wilson have 2.8 million twitter followers? People are that obsessed with The Office? Insane. Also, what the hell does he know about Norv Turner and the Chargers? Here’s what Rainn Wilson tweeted about an hour ago:

@rainnwilson: Dear Chargers, Norv Turner will never take you to a Superbowl. Sincerely, Rainn Wilson, actor

Really? It’s not bad enough for San Diego that we have to endure another season of Norval? We need Hollywood schmucks pouring lemon juice in our open wounds? Shut the hell up, Rainn Wilson. You go back to sucking at acting, and we’ll go back to sucking at football. We know our place… now know yours. (be sure to read all the way to the bottom of this post)


(Yes, I 100% agree with his tweet. I’m just pissed that he’s tweeting about it without my permission. I also think he’s a pretty good actor. Pretty funny too.)

**update: while dealing with a myriad of emotions from mr. rainn wilson’s tweet… i was too wound up to notice that he was indeed mocking his own tweet when he signed it “rainn wilson, actor“. “actor“, you know… suggesting exactly what i did in my post yesterday… that’s although i have an opinion of the bolts, it’s asinine to think that i know more, as a fan/blogger, than dean spanos does as an NFL owner. same goes for rainn, he’s an actor and doesn’t know crap about the chargers. hence the joke. so, well played, rainn…well played. now shut the hell up! thanks to my friends over at BFTB for setting my mind straight**

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