White Collar is Back! This is Why you NEED to Watch

White Collar is back. It’s on USA tonight. 2nd episode of the new season. It’s so badass. I love this show. Love everything about it. The white collar crime, the art heists, the cons, the ladies. Everything. Here’s why you should watch it.

Kelly Kapowski. Sure, she’s not her young skinny Saved by the Bell version of herself, she’s still cute and awesome in this show.

Neil Caffrey. No clue where he came from, but he’s great in this show. For me, suits are too small, ties are too skinny, and his hats are too small… other than that, great sense of style.

Peter Burke. He’s freaking awesome in this show. Such a badass FBI agent. Recognize him? That’s right. He was Bizarro Jerry.

Mind blown, right? Next up…

Mozzie. He’s my favorite character. If you recognize him, that’s a bummer since it’s most likely because your significant other made you watch Sex in the City.

And finally, the real reason I’m addicted to this show…. Sarah.

She is so freaking cute I can’t even stand it. Huge, massive crush on her. GIGANTIC CRUSH. Oh, and I found out she did a “Me in My Place” photo shoot for Esquire.

You’re welcome. Go watch White Collar.


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