Look What Happens When Navy SEAL Team 6 Meets Somali Pirates


Slate – The same Navy SEAL team responsible for killing Osama Bin Laden roughly seven months ago pulled off another successful mission Tuesday, rescuing two aid workers taken hostage in Somalia late last year. The mission reportedly occurred shortly before President Obama took to the podium to deliver his State of the Union address.

According to the BBC, neither the U.S. troops nor the hostages were injured in the rescue, but nine captors were killed. The captors were not identified as al-Shabab militants (al-Shabab is an Islamist group controlling much of southern Somalia), but rather as “criminals” by U.S. officials.

The two aid workers are Jessica Buchanan, an American, and Poul Hagen Thisted, from Denmark. They were taken captive at gunpoint by Somali pirates in October.

The Associated Press, responsible for confirming that the Navy SEAL team was the same elite group deployed in Pakistan last May to kill Bin Laden, notes that while Obama did not mention the mission during the State of the Union, his congratulations to Defense Secretary Panetta just before the speech was picked up on mic: “Good job tonight,” Obama said.

The successful mission was announced early Tuesday morning in a statement from the president. “As Commander-in-Chief, I could not be prouder of the troops who carried out this mission, and the dedicated professionals who supported their efforts,” he said.

Is anyone more badass on the planet than Navy SEAL Team 6? Love these guys. 2 hostages saved, 9 somali pirates killed. Just another day on the job… a walk in the park. For the record, I hate Somali Pirates. Apparently, so does Obama and the Navy.

I have a handfull of buddies that are Navy SEALs. To my knowledge, they are not on Team 6. However, they are all badass. I love them. I feel so safe around them. Tough as they are, they are giant teddy bears. I wish they would come to PB with me every time I go to Miller’s Field and stand in testosterone alley. Not sure if I’ve ever told this story on LobShots, but I went to one of their weddings awhile back. Generally, I’m a pretty confident dude (read: arrogant prick) and feel that I can hold my own in any given situation. This was not one of those times. Every dude there was stronger, faster, taller, and more handsomer. Felt like Quasimoto hanging out with 30 Captain Americas. Over a beer, I was joking with one of them, “I never look to pick a fight, but even if someone were to instigate one with me…looking around this place, I wouldn’t dare.” His smile turned serious and said, “We don’t start fights, we finish ’em.” gulp. Glad you guys are on our team.


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