MUST SEE: Replica Padres Jerseys for 11,000 San Diego Kids

Back when the Padres unveiled their new 2012 uniforms, they also told us this:

The Padres announced that approximately 10,000 youth baseball players from four local Little League districts will wear Padres button-down jerseys and corresponding hats for the upcoming season as part of the club’s ongoing effort to support youth baseball.

The teams representing Little League districts throughout San Diego County will have their choice of selecting one style of uniform worn from throughout Padres history to wear during the 2012 season. The club will sponsor teams in each district, supporting children ages 4-12.

Well, Padres president and CEO, Tom Garfinkel, recently dropped a few tweets that warmed the hearts of San Diego Little Leaguers and Padres fans alike. I haven’t been shy about my love for throwback uniforms in the past, as seen here and here. So I think these jerseys for kids are so awesome, they make me want adopt a dozen 4 year old ballplayers and go dominate San Diego Little League for the better part of a decade. Coach BP is open for business. For all three images: click to enlarge.

So good. Home jerseys. Away jerseys. New jerseys. Old jerseys. A PCL jersey. Button-ups, pull-overs. It’s all just so awesome. Although they don’t look to be stitched, it seems like they’re decent quality iron-ons. We’re talking about Little League unis, so I get it. What are the teams named though? This could get confusing really fast. Padres vs. Padres. I hope it’s something like, “1986 Road” vs. “1983 Home”. What do the pants look like? All white probably. I will leave it to the Paul over at Uni Watch and Chris over at to break down the historical accuracy of each jersey. Regardless, they are awesome. Absolutely love that the Padres did this. Now, Mr. Garfinkel… how ’bout those matching hats you mentioned?

**update**- Garfinkel’s response to my blog:


[via @tomgarfinkel here, here and here]

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