Amazing. A Handwritten To-Do List From Johnny Cash

I can’t quite wrap my head around why I love this so much…I just do. It’s obviously old, but I’d never seen it before. A Johnny Cash handwritten To-Do list that reads: “1. Not smoke, 2. Kiss June, 3. Not kiss anyone else, 4. Cough, 5. Pee, 6. Eat, 7. Not eat too much, 8. Worry, 9. Go see Mama, 10. Practice piano.” In the “Notes” section, he wrote, “Not write notes.”

Love Johnny Cash. He’s inspired previous posts here as well. This to-do list? Just ridiculous. It’s like he saw the sheet of paper…decided to fill it out with weird stuff…whatever came to his mind. Then for 9 & 10, he thought, “what do I really need a reminder to do today? Oh yeah, practice piano and go see mama.”

Not kiss anyone else.” – every married man’s new motto. Oh, that list sold for $6,400.



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